Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds With Sony Cybershot DSC H50
Lens Hood

Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds With Sony Cybershot DSC H50

Making the transition

So after exploring photography with a point and shoot camera (Kodak Kb-10) for over 8 years. It was time for me to explore the world of Digital photography with Sony Cybershot DSC H50.
Many people had jumped into this many years before me. Its kind of ironic that since Kodak didn’t have a good foresight, it vanished into history by becoming bankrupt.
Even though by this time I had got my first job but the habit of saving hadn’t developed and there was no such concept of summer vacation now (read this blog on Indian tradition and summer vacation).

So I had to pester my dad and mom for a few days to get me a digital camera. Then again we visited our favorite camera shop Dass Studios to get a low down on options available for digital cameras.
Since this would be my first foray into digital photography, I didn’t want to get into the complex world all DSLRs. The ever so friendly sales guy introduced us to the Sony’s line of digital cameras.
We went through the features of various models and finalized on Sony Cybershot DSC H50.
This camera is basically a hybrid of point-shoot and DSLR. WHere you get optical zooms lens (which is not interchangeable) and also the features of DSLR.

Sony Cybershot DSC H50

Sony Cybershot DSC H50


LCD Panel
LCD Panel

Sony has partnered with Carl Zeis. It has a 31-465mm f/2.7-4.5 Vario-Tessar lens. This camera offers high-speed shooting with fast shutter speed.
It can take up to 100 burst shots. The best part of this camera for me is its 3-inch LCD monitor which can tilt up and down. This is very helpful if you want to take shots from above your eye level.

Tilting LCD panel
Tilting LCD panel


Also, you can take shots close to the ground without you lying flat on it.
Sony being Sony had incorporated a lot of advanced features in this camera. You get the following:
– Face and smile detection
– Dynamic Range Optimization
– Variable noise reduction
– Infrared Night shooting ability
– Intelligent Scene recognition

Sony Cybershot H50 also has a nifty feature of letting you be an artist. Also, it lets you play a prank on your friends by distorting their smiles.
This feature they call it as Happy Face Retouch tool. Basically using this you can stretch the smile in the photo to a certain degree by pulling or contracting. I had a lot of fun using this features of any group photos

Shoot like a DSLR

As I told you earlier that Sony Cybershot H50 is a kind of bridge between point-shoot and DSLR. So they have added here the shooting mode options which you generally find on a DSL camera.

Top View
Top View

Scene: Here you can basically select what kind of scene it is like action, daylight, night time and many more. There are a total of 10 options t be chosen.
They can be selected using the dial.

– Movie: You can shoot videos in 30 frames per second. The length is restricted to 10 minutes at a time.

Manual: World is your playground here. Camera steps back and lets us control the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings.

Aperture Priority: You can set the Aperture and the camera will adjust the shutter speed accordingly.

Shutter Priority: User will set the shutter speed and camera will set the aperture.

Auto: Just fire away!! The camera will decide all the setting here.

Easy: Here to camera gives all the commands except the flash setting, timer setting. The text size is enlarged for easier reading.

Sony Cybershot DSC H50 has metering options like center-weighted and spot metering which you find in many DSLR. The exposure compensation range is from -2EV to +2EV.
This camera can shot in sepia, black and white, natural, vivid and monochrome.

Look and feel

The Sony Cybershot H50 resembles a DSLR. The body is made partly in metal and plastic and seems durable. As soon as you hold this camera you will notice a lot of things happening on the surface.
The body is full of buttons and buttons everywhere. The zoom in and zoom out button are so sensitive that during clicking off a shot you will accidentally zoom in or out.
I like the grip provided on this camera. The grip is made of rubber which is sturdy and anti-slip. Plus the grip handle is a bit deep, so it feels good to hold it.

Not so good

The camera body is not that big and then you get so many buttons everywhere, which might get pressed inadvertently during any action. This was very frustrating.
They have provided a big lens hood which is good. But the issue is if you are completely zoomed out, you would be able to see the lens hood coming up in the corners.
Also if you are using flash then say hello to vignettes.

Lens Hood
Lens Hood

There are heavy chances of you accidentally pushing the zoom buttons since there placement is where usually your thumb will be. So it gets frustrating to adjust the zoom time and again.

My outings with Sony

Landscape Shot
Shot of LIC Building in Connaught Place


Sony Cybershot
A time before selfie was invented.

The story of the above shot is both of us were diagnosed with chicken pox immediately after coming back to Delhi from Bangalore. I had got chicken pox during the last days in Bangalore after finishing up my MBA. The condition was intensified during the train travel and since my friend was traveling with me, probably he must have got it from me. Now that’s called a Friendship!!

Sony Cybershot
Night shot of vegetable carts.


This is where Sony Cybershot falls short. We can see a lot of noise in the above shot. Since to get a good exposure you will have to bump up the ISO which will lead to high noise in the shot.

Sony Cybershot
Evening time shot of a tree towering above a temple.
Sony Cybershot
Infrared shots work like a charm
Sony Cybershot
Shot during a wedding ceremony

Final words on Sony Cybershot

Even though Sony Cybershot DSC H50 has some fault lines but I would say that it is a good camera for anyone who is looking to move from point-shoot or mobile to a camera which gives you a feel of how a DSLR works.


Images have been sourced from:


LCD Panel

Tilting LCD Panel

Top View

Lens Hood

Hi there!! thanks for stopping by.
I am Manas, a budding photographer and a full time IT consultant. I love exploring new things, travelling, reading and riding bikes. In my free time, i enjoy taking care of my beloved plants and i sometimes talk to them !!

Manas Vatsal

Hi there!! thanks for stopping by.I am Manas, a budding photographer and a full time IT consultant. I love exploring new things, travelling, reading and riding bikes. In my free time, i enjoy taking care of my beloved plants and i sometimes talk to them !!

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