All about my first camera love “Kodak KB-10”
Kodak KB-10

All about my first camera love “Kodak KB-10”

As you have read in my previous blog regarding how I purchased my first camera i.e KODAK KB10 ( if you missed that blog, find it here)

Let’s go camera shopping!!

So when I came back from my summer vacations, it was time to spend all that pocket money on something useful. And what better option would be other than owning a camera. See you can’t every time get hold of your father’s camera anytime you want.

I wanted something which was my own and paid out of my pocket. So I told my father that I want to buy a new camera and he took me to a camera studio near his office. This studio also sells a lot of camera gears and digital accessories. Anybody who is familiar with Connaught Place, New Delhi might know of Dass Studios. They are my favorite when it comes to shopping for camera gear in Delhi.

I remember going here to look for options under 1000 rupees because that’s all I could afford at that time. Those were the innocent time guys. In those days people will not search for days on Google, or looking for product videos on Youtube or be putting a post on Facebook to get recommendations before buying anything. You have to go to a brick and mortar shop and have a real conversation with a sales guy on why you have stepped in his showroom.

The friendly sales guy

The sales guy took us through all the recent camera brands they had from Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, and Yashica. All these brands had great DSLR offering at that moment put my pocket was small. So my father told the shop owner to only show something in the range of 1000 bucks. At this point generally, any salesman might frown that this is a low category customer and they might not show that much interest in catering to you.

But I still remember that this guy was in all smiles even after hearing about our budget. He quickly responded that Kodak has recently launched this new point and shoot camera KB-10 which is light on the pocket and good for students. I got a sigh of relief that we weren’t told to get out and they actually had something so cheap.

All about Kodak KB-10 Camera

Kodak KB-10
Kodak KB-10

This camera was meant to be used by beginners and can shoot pretty decent photos. There is no zoom function since it has a fixed focal length lens. This model has a lens cover door which slides to open. It also acts as a power switch. It has a built-in flash and a manual film forwarding wheel.
As a student, it suited my purpose of having my very first own camera that I used to take pictures of my friends and family and everyday objects.

The prints were of Ok-Ok quality for that time. Kodak KB-10 advertisements captured the imagination of beginners by their features at a very affordable price. Kodak had launched this camera with a very attractive offer “Happy Memories Happy Dreams Pack”. The camera came with three max films, what more would a student need. So after all the formalities were completed, I couldn’t wait to come home and start exploring the camera.

It takes in two AA batteries and a regular film. It is your standard point and shoot camera with film type of 35mm. As I have mentioned above, it has a fixed focal length lens. The subject should be at least 4 feet away from the camera to get a good focus. Other technicalities include ISO 100 400, f8 aperture. Dimensions are – Depth 1.76 inches, Height 2.88 inches, and Width 5.32 inches. The camera is not water-proof, so don’t go near the water. And sorry to say if you are the photographer, you won’t be in the frame since there is no self-timer 🙁

It came with a nifty synthetic leather case and was only available in black color. I still have this came in my cupboard and it still looks new and in full function.  Whenever I am in Delhi and pull out this camera, it reminds me of some of the good times. Just writing this post today makes me feel quite nostalgic about remembering my school days. Lastly, I would say that it was indeed a “Happy Memories Happy Dreams Pack” which was promised by Kodak.

Happy Memories

Happy Memories

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Happy Memories

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I am Manas, a budding photographer and a full time IT consultant. I love exploring new things, travelling, reading and riding bikes. In my free time, i enjoy taking care of my beloved plants and i sometimes talk to them !!

Manas Vatsal

Hi there!! thanks for stopping by.I am Manas, a budding photographer and a full time IT consultant. I love exploring new things, travelling, reading and riding bikes. In my free time, i enjoy taking care of my beloved plants and i sometimes talk to them !!

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